Is Sonko HIV positive????
Is Sonko HIV positive????

Embattled Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, has finally responded to claims that he could be HIV +.

The flashy politician’s health status is under scrutiny after court documents emerged indicating that he was released from prison on HIV grounds.

In 2001, having served 9 months of a 12 months jail term for obtaining money with false pretense , Sonko applied for release from Shimo La Tewa Prison on compassionate grounds, as medical records he presented to the judge Oduk (now deceased) showed he was a HIV positive convict.

During those days, convicts who were unwell and almost nearing the end of their jail terms could be released on health grounds, to return home to recuperate or die.

Sonko painted a picture of himself as a man with few days to live.

However, the Governor has dismissed the damaging reports and even demanded an apology from media houses carrying the story.

A demand letter from his lawyer Cecil Miller seen by Udaku KE reads in part:

 “….that your said malicious and spiteful statements were published without inquiring the truth or falsity thereof….that the said publication has inflicted great prejudice to and has caused our said client extreme damage to his otherwise good reputation as a businessman and community leader…,”

On his part, Sonko took to Facebook to encourage his fans not to give up while remembering his time in prison.

He wrote: “There was a time i was in the same situation surrounded by walls and milango ya gereza thinking of how my wife and kids would cope with life in my absence, they used to cry a lot when they came to visit me and talk to me from a glass window covered with wire mesh under tight prison security.

“ I believed in God in whatever hard circumstances i was undergoing. 

“One day I overcame all the difficult hurdles against me in life and became whom Iam today. So my Brother my sister, fellow Nairobians, fellow Kenyans do not give up in life no matter the difficult situation you are in, one day God will make away for you. If you keep on praying GOD WILL NEVER FORGET ABOUT YOU. 

“Plse guys never give up in life.”


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