Assenting to the Banking (Amendment) Bill, 2015 at State House
Assenting to the Banking (Amendment) Bill, 2015 at State House

Now that it is law, Central Bank must calculate – just the same way that the Energy Regulator has developed a formula and it calculates so that the Energy Companies do not go out of business. On banks claiming they shall not lend to high risk persons, that is the norm internationally. But we want the low risk persons to get the money create the jobs and pay back the banks and more and more low risk businesses shall feel comfortable to factor in loans in their financial planning because of predictability.

It cannot be the same way that the just say here is the rate, they must calculate. I have given very many ways in this mailing list of making profit without interest, those means could be combined with interest and people such as Professor Kieyah can make a very good amount as Consultants to banks on other methods of profit


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