Anerlisa Muigai

Good morning, thank you for all your kind comments. I am really humbled… i thought i try answer some of your questions that most of you would like to know.

EXERCISE :– First 2 months i did 1 hr of not so intense exercise which involved walking, pilates and yoga with Godia.
The 4 months that followed i did 2 hours of serious training with an ex-millitary trainer. This is where i lost most of my weight (30kgs). Alternatively there are bootcamp classes in Arboretum with Imu @fkb_camp
My training till now has been one hour everyday of cardio and toning up with @godiadaniel.
DIET:- Personally i have completely cut down on sugar, i cook with olive or canola oil. I prefer steamed, boiled or grilled very lean food especially meat. I also measure my carbohydrates with a table spoon, i only have 2 servings 3 times a week, i prefer wild rice (get from zuchinni). I also take lots of #executivestillwater. 5 litres a day. I prefer lots of proteins like beans since they keep you full for long. Lots of sukuma wiki (kales) and spinach too are lovely for vitamins.

HUNGER :- If you exercise and see the results and also remember where you have come from, trust me the last thing in your mind is food. It’s all in the mind.

BODY :- My arms are still the hardest to loose, working towards toning them to avoid loose skin.
My stomach -: Was the first to go because even when i was big it was the last to add, still have a bit to work on.
Stretchmarks :- there are so many treatments to get rid of them, laser happens to be the one i prefer.

I hope with the above, i have answered most of your questions and i also hope that you will start making changes. Surround yourself with people with the same goals.

Motivate yourself with what eats you most, for me all the mean things i heard people discussing about my obese body, motivated me to work harder. Success is the best revenge but remember you are doing this for yourself and for your health. Have a great day, God blessings ?



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