Kanze Dena’s Son has grown so big. See the photos of the 11 year old she has shared Photos

Kanze Dena's Son turns 11 photos
Kanze Dena's Son turns 11 photos

Citizen TV news anchor Kanze Dena is the face every Kenyan waits for on their screen to brighten their day all the time.

The talented news anchor shared her sad story and struggles she went through before realizing her self in full potentials sometime back.

Kanze Dena suffered from self-confidence among other hardships she underwent before becoming the woman she is today.

However in all her struggles Kanze shared the greatest gift life gave her. Her son is all grown up and is a total resemblance.

This is what she said: Yaani siamini… Its 11yrs…naona Kama Juzi mwanangu. Twapigana ..twacheka.twazungumza….ujana ndo mwanzo wabisha hodi!! Nakuvunjia kidole…. Faraja ya moyo Wangu. Happy Birthday Amani Nasikitika siwezi kuwa nawe tusherehekee…kazi kazi Kazi!! (Mama got to bring the bacon) #feelingblessed #penzilamamanamwana
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