Leaked: See how much Raila paid Kalonzo and Mudavadi to stay as principals

Kalonzo Mudavadi NASA Ticket
Kalonzo Mudavadi NASA Ticket

After weeks of waiting, NASA finally named its presidential flag bearer. It looks like Raila played his cards right to get Musyoka to sign a new agreement with him. In the new agreement he would be president for only one term.

In the public agreement Raila would not run for president in any political party in 2022, and that ODM would not field any presidential candidate.

According to popular blogger Robert Alai raila paid about 6 Billion to have both Kalonzo and mudavadi on his team.

Here is what he posted on his Facebook page

Raila paid Kalonzo Ksh 4billion and Mudavadi Ksh 2billion to have them stay as co-principals in NASA.
The NASA agreement also stipulates that Raila, Kalonzo and Mudavadi will earn the same in salaries if Raila is elected as President with the line-up.