Kanze Dena Steps Out With No Make Ups And People End Up Saying Its Not Her; Here Is A Photo Of Her And Her All Grown Son.

Kanze Dena Photos
Kanze Dena Photos

The magic touch that’s make-up leaves many looking and feeling like a completely different person. You can confuse the same person if you are used to seeing them all dolled up then suddenly you bump into them looking all natural!

This is what happened to screen siren Kanze Dena as she stepped out with her make up free face recently. Citizen Tv news anchor and mother of one Kanze Dena recently stepped out with her son for some mother son bonding time, she chose a bare face for the hang out and apparently this got many people who thought they knew her all confused!

I don’t think the difference is that much but then you never really know! Kanze shared her bare face photo that had people all mixed up with the caption,

“Jinsi nilivyo the villager from mazeras village ……and my minnie me … Guys had a hard time figuring out of it was kanze dena or her sister.😂😂 we enjoyed every minute of it! Should do this often. Hustle free”

Kanze Dena with Son - Recent photo
Kanze Dena with Son – Recent photo

Here is an older photo of Kanze and her Son