Gay Lions Spotted At Masai Mara
Gay Lions Spotted At Masai Mara

Kenya Films Classification Board (KFCB) CEO, Ezekiel Mutua has asked that the gay lions spotted at the Masai Mara be isolated and during that time, go through counseling.

”These animals need counseling, because probably they have been influenced by gays who have gone to the national parks and behaved badly,” Mutua told Nairobi News.

He also asked that ‘we do not jump into conclusions that the lions were both male’ because it is not normal to have two males love each other.
”Some research needs to be done. And also, I wish I can get the bio to confirm that the two lions were male, because it is not normal,” he continued.

According to the moral police officer, the lions might be possessed by some demonic spirits.

”I mean where on earth have you ever heard of something like this happening? The demonic spirits inflicting in humans seems to have caught up with animals.”
The ‘crazy’ animals, the KFCB boss said, should be isolated because the idea of sex even in animals is procreation.


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