Mp Martha Wangari

MP Gilgil constituency Hon. Martha Wangari has deported her parasitic, controlling and very possessive Ben10 back to Gachie, where she picked him from.

Gilgil MP, Martha Wangari left her abusive husband risking public ridicule because she would rather be judged rather than dead.

Her now ex-husband, Peter Karanja (PK) the legislator told the Standard was an abusive man who embarrassed her in public and could not provide for the family.

PK, married to the former nominated senator for the past five years has apparently moved in with another woman into a home built by the MP.

Mp Martha Wangari husband, Ben 10
Mp Martha Wangari husband, Ben 10

“I have receipts for every construction material used in the house. I bought everything and built the house. He kicked me out of the house and has placed pictures of other women in the house. I can’t even get my personal effects out of the house,” she intimated.

The estranged husband during the marriage got Ms Wangari’s secretary pregnant but later left her to fend for their child.

“He started dating my secretary behind my back and had a baby with her. Her child and my child were born four months apart. If I asked him about such a disrespectful thing as sleeping with and impregnating my secretary he would turn abusive,” she continued.

PK is also said to have become overly paranoid and started tracking the MP’s car and phone. A source close to the couple said that he felt like his now ex-wife was engaging in extra marital affairs since making it to the corridors of power.

“He tracked my phone and followed me as I was meeting some other women leaders. He dragged me out of the meeting, beat me up and then tried to run over me with a Mercedes car. The irony is that the car is the one I had bought him,” MP Gilgil recounts.

PK, she revealed, has since the divorce been trying to sell her property forcing her to put caveats on all her land holdings. He has also sold her cars behind her back, she adds.

Martha now says she’s focused on serving the people of Gilgil.

“It’s better to leave the marriage than die,” she concluded.


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