SK Macharia
SK Macharia

The Royal Media Services (RMS) which is owned by S.K Macharia has fired the Human Resources Director Rose Wanjohi.

Rose Wanjohi is believed to have been the head of a cartel that has been stealing millions of shillings from the company every month.

Sources indicate that the company was losing money to ghost workers. An elaborate scheme that saw over Kshs. 20 million shillings stolen per month.

The matter is so serious such that some of the staff involved have been taken to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to record statements.

Royal Media Services Human Resources Director Rose Wanjohi

Citizen TV which is touted as Kenya’s number one station is a profitable venture yet the money it rakes in doesn’t reach or is not able to satisfy the huge wage bill that the company now has.

This has been occasioned by the thieving employees led by the HR Director Rose Wanjohi. Rose is said to have been ‘discovered’ and reported by a junior HR department employee.

A source at the company intimated that the thefts are so well executed that the owner S.K Macharia wasn’t in the know.

Salary increment at RMS has been a thing of the past. Employees have gone without an increment for years; even when something like an increment happens, it has never been tangible, and has only targeted a few staff who mostly threatened to leave the company.

Many have left for greener pastures.

RMSs wage bill has been growing due to the poaching of ‘top talent ‘from rival stations. This adds to the headache of RMS management.

The theft matter is causing sleepless nights to directors at the station because no one knows when the DCI will strike.

Source: CNyakundi


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