Be ware, if you are used to posting photos of your infant online, be warned of the scammers online who will use them for the craziest things.

Three psychic Kenyan women were shamed after using photos of a baby girl for weird reasons and stating the child is theirs. The young baby who is the daughter of a Kenyan man identified as Celebrity Shikanda and who has shamed the three.


One of scammers identified as Kanini Nzokole posted the photo on Kilimani Mums Nairobi-Uncensored Facebook page claiming she was mourning the death of her the baby.
The second scammer going by the name Talia Sheba used the same photo to boast of how pretty her “girl” was adding that she was about to turn six months old.
Celebrity Shikanda, the real parent to the cutie shamed the three women on Facebook sounding a fraud alert


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