Sheila Wetangula
Sheila Wetangula

CORD principal Moses Wetangula’s private life has been greatly scrubbed and talked about on social media. This was after man Weta as popularly known by his supporters was given a dogs beating of the year by wife Ann Waceke. The blogsphere, sites and social media accounts were all talking about Wetangula’s beating a few months ago, an his whole family was put in the limelight.

The Senator’s daughter Sheila became a person of interest and people began to follow her. Recently however, the notorious lady shared rather inappropriate photos on her social media account that revealed her b00bs in the most unforgiving way and people are asking questions.

However, it is not her first time to behave like a desperate socialite. Wetangula’s daughter has been provoking men with her seducing photos on social media and this has begged the question as to whether she wants to be a socialite or a celebrity. See the photo that has left men disturbed with their propellers.

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