SHOCKING: Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan linked to a g@y scandal involving her company that has shocked the country. See this


Citizen TV news anchor Lulu Hassan is nothing less than Kenya’s sweetheart. The talented Swahili news anchor with her co-anchor Kanze Dena always brighten our weekends with their incredibly fluent Swahili something that gives us a sense of belonging.

Now, the always calm and innocent-looking Lulu might be in big trouble. This is after a Kenyan guy (name undisclosed) shared a long post with controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi on how he was conned by a g@y man at Lulu Hassan’s production firm.

The company, Jiffty Production has a g@y employer who according to the unidentified man wanted s3x from him.

The g@y guy conned him with the help of Lulu Hassan. See the long post he shared with the blogger.

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