Controversial Ndichu twin brothers, Eddie and Paul, are trending on social media after they caused a fracas at Ole Sereni Hotel over the weekend while drunk.

An anonymous staff member, who works at the lavish hotel, has spilled more beans on the ugly incident.

Speaking to ‘Tea Master’ Edgar Obare, the staff member, who witnessed the drama, revealed that the twin brothers had booked a room with four ladies before the incident.

Eddie sneaked out of the room and went to the rooftop bar where he started hitting on another lady, who was in the company of her boyfriend.

He wanted to spend time with the lady but she turned him down and refused to join him in the room.

He caused fracas after the lady rejected his advances and even tried to bite one of her arms.

His brother Paul, who was drunk like a skunk, joined him and they continued causing drama at the lavish hotel.

Here’s what Edgar Obare posted on his BNN page.


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