Reverend Kathy Kiuna and her husband Allan Kiuna are facing a rough path after rumors went circulating that the Bishop had impregnated his mistress.

The power couple are Kenya’s most loved pastors the reason why their JCC church is flocked with hundreds of people from all over the city.

However just like any other family the Kiunas have not had an easy time dealing with the media and gossip mongers always criticizing and attacking their kids and now this.

After the allegations went viral, the Bishop spoke to a source and refuted the claims by insisting that he had only eyes for his wife.

“I am a man of integrity, I’m only in love with one woman, Kathy Kiuna and all other accusations are untrue and unfounded. That rumour is unfounded, baseless and wrong, that’s all for now.”

Now after the Bishop spoke, his wife who allegedly traveled to South Africa following the heated issue has come out standing by his man.

She said; ”I thank God for giving me not just a husband but best friend. A man of integrity that has shown me and my family how to love God. Honey you rock and I love you now more than before. Keep walking tall.”
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