Raila Odinga taking oath of office
Raila Odinga taking oath of office

Elections are coming up in a few months and both the government are in preparation for the big day. Well, Uhuru plans to retain his seat while Raila thinks that he will oust him.

Raila Odinga says that Just like the US, he will send Uhuru home while Uhuru know all too well that he will rule upto 2022 and Ruto will take on. Well, Raila is planning to spend billions to send Uhuru home.

Here is the plan, IT experts will reportedly be flown in from South Africa to man the “state-of-the-art” equipment, which will be placed in a three-storey building in Nairobi until the results are announced. Apart from that, his commitee will be flown in from Germany.

Currently, access to four choppers, six more are expected by the time he becomes the coalition’s presidential candidate or in the event he chooses to go it alone.


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