Jared Otieno and Kendi Mwiti pre-wedding events and nuptuals captured the attention of the nation in late 2015. The couple dominated the news headlines due to their extravagance lifestyle.

Jared was known as the guy who bought a Porsche worth Ksh 30 million and who can forget the Ksh 15 million that he spent on his pre-wedding.

The super rich Jared married Kendi at a lavish wedding which was held at Windsor Hotel. Notable high profile figured attended the wedding. Some were politicians and media personalities. Senators James Orengo, Anyang Nyong’o, Kiraitu Murungi and Naisula Lesuuda were all there.

Now the lavish couple is back in the headlines, and this time for all the wrong reasons. The super flamboyant Luo ‘businessman’ is actually a wanted international thief and fraudster. He is wanted by police for defrauding Ksh 13. million from an Austrian National Christian Gallati. Apparently Jared uses an alias name-Smith Mackenzie Otieno, and that is how he has managed to escape the law.

According to Daily Nation, Smith Mackenzie Otieno together with other accomplices defrauded Kes 13.7 million from the Austrian citizen on May 1, 2015; they pretended they could sell 7kg of gold to Christian Gallati only for them to go underground after they received the cash.

A Venezuelan lawyer was also conned by Jared Otieno; Simon Aldofo Franco Ortega was defrauded Kes 170 million while hoping to collect Kes 1.7 billion as proceeds from the sale of a piece of land he owns in Venezuela. Mr. Ortega attracted Jared’s attention when he looked for buyers on the internet.

It is now evident that Jared is a criminal who has amassed his wealth through fraudulent ways. With the surfacing of this news, it makes us wonder if Kendi had any clue about what her husband was up to. It begs the question as to wether young, beautiful women are just blinded by the lavish lifestyles they are given that they do not bother to find out where the wealth comes from? There has been no mention as to what his wife Kendi knew or if she was involved, but chances are, she was also one of Jared’s victims.

We will keep you posted as the story unfolds.


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