Raila and Uhuru Kenyatta attended Ntimama’s burial in Narok. The old mzee was being laid to rest after his natural death a few weeks ago.

The former President Moi attended the burial accompanied by other KANU leaders Nichoas Biwott.

The burial was initially going o well with little politics untill Raila rose to speak. As expected Uhuru replied him and his reply was not too nice to the former Prime Minister.

Take a look at Uhuru’s reply to Raila Odinga. “wewe ndugu Raila wachana na Jubilee, haina mikono tatu, panga chama yako ya mikono tatu, kumeza mate si kula nyama, sisi ndio tumekalia kiti na hatuna haraka ya kutoka, endeleeni kumeza mate, sisi tukikula nyama”


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